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Videos of Donation Entry Software

Entering a Daily Batch of Donation Checks

The video below shows the process in our current software to open a batch of donations, process the checks/cash for each donor, close the batch and post it.

The video below shows how we run and export (to Excel) a report on the batch we just posted.  You can download a copy of the Excel report HERE.  NOTE: We then take this file an import it into our accounting software.

The Donor Record and the Receipt Export File

The video below shows you what a donor record looks like after a batch that contains a donation from that donor has been posted.

The video below shows what a receipt export file looks like.  You can view the Excel file HERE. As you can see, the current system ask us for a file that will import the Excel file and then merge the records to create a receipt.  HERE is the Word merge file that we use.