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    we're marketing, sales and business growth experts ready to help small businesses succeed.

    Here is what our website and lead-generation software does :

    • 1Attract Customers
    • 2Automate Marketing
    • 3Close Sales

Looking for THE way to bring customers to you?

You have finally found it! MyDataWorks.net lead-generating websites bring the whole marketing world together in one powerful integrated system. We build sites and systems that help your prospect find you online. This same system nurtures your leads and drives conversions. Not used to tracking your site visitors? You will be able to measure your inbound marketing success easily. No more throwing your money away by advertising where you cannot know if it is working. We help you market smarter.. not harder!


Website Development
Automated Marketing
Lead Generation
Landing Pages
Social Media Tools
Marketing Analytics


We make your social media management much easier. Our focus is to innovate your efforts and build a following that will eventually purchase from you.
Leads are nurtured, providing personal attention in a traceable way. This keeps you in front of them so they will buy from you, not your competitors.
Rather than use a myriad of software platforms to keep track of traffic and leads, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and email are all within the software.
Transform your business. Our goal is to see your sales soar as you utilize your new website and lead-generation software in conjunction with offline and online advertising efforts.
Increase your beneficial advertising and decrease advertising that is not productive. This can only be done when using a system like ours to track every lead that comes to you.

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Our old company web site was tired, dated and in need of complete renovation. Even simple updates required excessive tinkering and time, and the host was difficult to work with . MyDataWorks.net provided more than just a great new web site design. They captured our requirements, worked with us through several iterations, designed, built and launched our new site without a single technical issue! "
Bob Henderson
"Our web site had been down since 2010. We had 3 different people work on our site, with no success. One of our officers notified us of MyDataWorks.net. We signed a contract with and they completed the job in a few weeks. Bank of Brewton is very happy with their work, and we highly recommend they. Mike is honest and very reliable. He worked with us to achieve the look and content we were expecting. "
Eddie Nall, Senior Vice President
"We love our website. The format looks good, and it's easy to navigate. It is easy to find the info on it for which you are looking. We appreciate all the hard work you put into it, to make it functional and elegant looking. The suggestions you made were helpful, especially to this novice. One of the additions you made that I really like is the Google Translator. It's perfect for my German-speaking friends. Overall - a great job!"
Don Vanderhoof
"MyDataWorks.net is fabulous! They worked with us, helped us choose the design that would best fit our needs, and took the time to explain how everything works. Mike has been so helpful in answering our questions! We are so happy with our website! We highly recommend MyDataWorks.net!"
The Tacons
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